HUDSON, the fiercely independent los angeles-based-4 piece "rock and roll" band have released their SOPHOMORE ep "Cast out" via their own label Custom records. the five-track ep is lite up with the band's authentic and hard-hitting rock and roll.

produced by guitarist Chris Sayre and bassist brian cohen - who together have produced, written for, and toured with a number of major label artists. - "cast out" captures the band's powerful sound while staying relevant in today's ever-changing music scene. sonically, the two producers sought to bring a fresh modern sound to blues-based rock and roll. With singer David Hudson's whiskey-soaked growl and poetic lyrics, and the thunderous rhythms of drummer Christian Thierbach iv, a musical powerhouse was born.

by remaining and independent band, hudson's progression and creativity have been able to flourish unrestricted. Just finishing their first national radio tour, hudson are set to make serious noise this year and beyond.  look out for their single "cast out" playing on MTV and your local rock station.